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Our hair extensions technician is a fully qualified professional graduated from Russian school and using Russian hair extension methods which are considered to be the best in the world.
Length* ¼ head ½ head ¾ head Full head Extra full-head
16” 40cm £380 £540 £690 £850 £1010
18” 45cm £390 £550 £700 £860 £1020
20” 50cm £400 £560 £710 £870 £1030
22” 55cm £410 £570 £720 £880 £1040
24” 60cm £420 £580 £730 £890 £1050
26” 65cm £430 £590 £740 £900 £1060

*  Approximate length in centimeters.

Terms and Conditions apply:

Maintenance ¼ head ½ head ¾ head Full head Extra full-head
Micro-rings uplifting maintenance
(every 3-6 weeks after fitting)
£60 £80 £100 £120 £140
Micro-rings full refitting
(after 3 months, reusing the hair)
£200 £280 £360 £440 £520
Micro-bonds full maintenance
(after 3-4 months, reusing the hair)
£200 £280 £360 £440 £520
Hair extensions removal £50 £70 £80 £90 £100



Russian hair is the finer quality hair with almost unlimited wear time. As it comes from Russia where each piece is cut individually, every hair piece may have a slightly different structure. Normally it has a natural wave, it is thinner and softer than other hair types. Ideally suits for women whose natural hair is dyed, fine or delicate.


The method used is either micro-rings or micro-bonds. Micro-rings is a standard method used in the UK, it is faster in application, as safe as micro- bonds if done correctly, however maintenance appointments required every 3-6 weeks for uplifting the strands.

Micro-bonds method is an exclusive method using customized mixed size bonds, from extra small “rice grain” size bond to larger ones, depending on the finesse of client’s hair. This allows achieving maximum invisibility of the bonds and the most natural look. The bonds are attached with hot fusion of imported highest quality keratin, which is durable and can be easily taken off, unlike the glue used in the UK. This method of fitting is the most long-lasting one: usually between 3-4 months with no maintenance required. After 3-4 months mirco- bonds are taken off and fitted back again, all the hair is 100% reusable. It is a common misconception that hot fusion is damaging your hair: the keratin glue melts at the temperature of 120-140C which is lower than the temperature of your hair dryer (200C) or hair straightener (180-220C)

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