If you’re ready to take the plunge, you’ll need to know a few things before you do. First and foremost, it’ best to work with a professional beauty salon in London for the initial colouring and the touch-ups afterward. Second, there’s not just one shade of blonde, and that means you need to know how to choose.

Your Skin Tone Matters

Do you tan easily, and sport warm, darker tones during the summer months? Is your skin fairer and more delicate? Each of these will need a different shade of blonde if you’re to pull it off successfully.

You Tan Easily

If you tan easily, then chances are good that you have medium, olive or gold-toned skin. You actually have the widest range of blonde shades from which to choose, but you’ll want to steer away from those that are too pale, unless it’s super pale (think closer to white than blonde). With that being said, warmer blondes will accentuate your skin tone more, while paler shades will contrast – it’s more about the effect you’re trying to achieve.

You’re Very Fair

If your skin tone is very fair and you don’t tan easily, you’ll be best suited to paler shades of blonde to match your skin. Don’t worry, though. There are quite a few shades of blonde that can work with your skin tone, from ash to pearly blonde and many in between. Feel free to accentuate a base blonde colouring with contrasting accents, like platinum or honey.

You’re Darker

If you have darker coloured skin, you can get away with more of a champagne or beige blonde colour. Honey and caramel are two very suitable shades, but you can also add accents that contrast with the deeper gold of your hair if you prefer.

Touch-ups Are Necessary

If you’re thinking about going blonde, understand that maintaining that colour will require maintenance. This is another area where a beauty salon in London can help. The professionals can make treating those darker roots a simple, fast process. And, yes, you will have to colour frequently, otherwise your roots will show very well. It can be a stark contrast, particularly with some of the paler blonde shades available.

What About Eyebrows?

In the past, colouring eyebrows to match hair colour was pretty common. Not so, today. In fact, a bold eyebrow colour can actually add to your overall look, creating contrast with the colour of your hair and drawing more interest. Of course, the choice to colour your eyebrows is yours, and a beauty salon in London can help ensure that it is done correctly and without mishap should you choose to go this route.

At Home Colouring or Professional Help?

There are plenty of at-home products on the market today that make it seem like colouring your hair blonde on your own is the simplest thing in the world. It’s not. This is particularly true if you have a red base to your hair, or your hair is very dark. Working with a professional beauty salon in London is really the only way to make sure that you get the best results on the first try. Doing it yourself is very likely to result in a shade that’s interesting, but definitely not what you were going for.



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