Face Shapes

How many face shapes can you think of? Chances are good that you can probably name one or two, but did you know that there actually six different ones, and countless combination shapes? Here’s a look at the shapes and their most defining characteristics:

Oblong Face: Oblong faces are often confused for oval faces, because they’re similar. However, people with oblong faces tend to have a longer face than those with oval shaped faces doe, and the chin is often narrower, as well. Oblong faces do well with longer hair styles, particularly with layered looks.
Round Faces: Round is one of the most commonly seen face shapes, and people with this shape generally have an equal length and width, with prominent cheekbones. People with round faces usually benefit the most from hairstyles that are more than one length, and should avoid bobs
Oval Faces: Oval faces are generally proportionate, although the forehead may be a little wider than the chin. These faces are usually slightly longer than they are wide, as well. Those with oval faces have the greatest variety in hairstyles, and will be flattered by short, long or mid-length hair.
Heart Shaped Faces: Heart shaped faces have very prominent cheekbones, balanced by a narrow chin and a wide forehead. The forehead is usually wider than the cheekbones. For those with heart shaped faces, the most important thing is to find a style that does not emphasize the width of the forehead, while also lengthening the face and enhancing the jaw line.
Diamond Shaped Faces: People with diamond shaped faces usually have sharply defined chins with an angled jaw. The cheekbones are the widest part with this face shape. The most important tip for hairstyles for those with diamond shaped faces is to keep things proportionate, whether you go short or long.
Square Shaped Faces: Those with square shaped faces usually have less prominent chins and more prominent jaws, although the jawline is not steeply angled. The jaw and cheeks are usually the same width (as is the forehead). The most important thing for those with square faces to do is to avoid styles that end at the jawline, as this only emphasizes the shape. Longer hair can soften the angles of the shape, but short hair can work as well.
Not Sure about Your Face Shape?

While we’ve listed some of the most common face shapes, it can sometimes be challenging to determine your own shape. A hair salon in London can help you determine your face shape, and then provide you with hairstyle options that will flatter it, and bring out your best features. It’s also important for the hairstyle you choose to downplay or de-emphasise features that you do not like.

Of course, if the shape of your face doesn’t fit easily into any of the mentioned categories, then hairstyle may not have a dramatic effect on things. You can feel free to experiment with short and long styles, bobs, fringes and more. Whatever you decide to do, work with a trusted hair salon in London to ensure you have an ideal experience and get more than just another haircut.